Primecard is about celebrating the dining and travel experience up to 50% off, every day of the week. We've combed through countless restaurants, hundreds of vacation getaways, and boiled it all down to the most sought-after experiences just for you.


Simply put, our deals are ready when you are. No tacky coupons, and no expiration dates.


Travel packages to destinations across the street and around the world!


Collections of curated, high-quality merchandise and gift cards.


We can only offer you exclusive deals because we're an exclusive, members-only community. So join us, it's FREE to sign up!





    What is Primecard?
    Primecard is about celebrating the dining and travel experience up to 50% off, every day of the week. We've combed through countless restaurants, hundreds of vacation getaways, and boiled it all down to the most sought-after experiences just for you.

    How does Primecard work?
    Simply select from any of the 250+ participating restaurants merchants listed in our directory, updates, emails, or on our website. Present your card when it's time to pay, sign the charge slip reflecting the full menu price, and you're off.

    What's the best part about the Program?
    There are no coupons. No hassles. Just every day discounts!



    Why don't I see the discount on my bill?
    The discount is not deducted from your bill at purchase, because we provide the discount. Instead, the discount will appear on your monthly Primecard statement and charged to the major credit card on file that you provided us with.

    I make payments over the phone or by check. Does Primecard have online bill pay?
    All new members are now required to sign up with a credit card on file for auto-pay. Members still receive a monthly statement detailing all their Primecard charges and discounts. Auto-pay guarantees on time payments and eliminates the need to call in with a credit card or submit a check each month. We encourage prior members to move to auto-pay..

    Is there a cap on the savings I get from Primecard?
    Absolutely not - Primecard offers uncapped, percentage-based savings on the food & beverage portion of your bill, enabling you to truly indulge in the best dining around.

    Do your offers really include alcohol?
    They sure do!



    What happens if my Primecard is refused at a participating restaurant?
    Primecard guarantees your discount. In the unlikely event your Primecard is refused by a restaurant currently listed on our website, obtain the name of the waiter/waitress and email or fax a copy of your receipt to customerservice@primecard.com or fax to 305.573.2150. No credit will be provided if information is not received within 14 days and only one refusal credit per restaurant will be honored. At non-restaurant locations, your Primecard discount is not guaranteed but we ask that you call customer service and speak to a representative who will attempt to resolve the issue with the merchant.

    Is there a limit to how many people I can pay for with my Primecard?
    Reservations for parties of seven or more must be made by calling Primecard customer service at 1.800.444.8872 at least 3 business days in advance. A group specialist will work with you to attempt to secure your reservation. Multiple cards for large groups will not be accepted.

    My Prime Magazine expires soon. When will I receive a new one?
    Once a quarter we publish and send you Prime Magazine, a guide designed to bring you discounts, deals, and access to the very best your city has to offer. In addition to the Prime Magazine, we publish monthly updates, allowing you to get up to date on our newest restaurants and exclusive seasonal offerings.

    Can I use my Primecard at restaurants that are listed in the Gift Certificate section?
    Merchants listed in the gift certificate section do not accept the Primecard. We will not be able to refund your account if you are refused at one of these restaurants.



    How much does membership cost?
    Joining Primecard is completely free. All it takes is a love of discounts, and passion for incredible dining experiences. Existing members may renew their membership for $9.95 on an annual basis. If changes need to be made to your existing membership, please e-mail us at customerservice@primecard.com or call 800-444-8872.

    How do I know if my personal information is safe in my account?
    The safety of your credit card and personal information are our highest priority. We do not share, sell or otherwise use your personal information without your permission, except when required by law or any legal process. We use the utmost care and security with any information in your account and will not use this information in ways to which you have not consented.

    How do I update my account information?
    Your account can be accessed by clicking on the MyAccount link at the top right corner of the Primecard homepage. You can manage all your current information, as well as purchase gift cards, view your account credits and access your personal invitation link. Also, this page allows you to manage all the information regarding your e-mail preferences, user name and billing and credit card.

    How do I unsubscribe from emails?
    You can always change your email preferences. Just click here.

    How do I end my membership with Primecard?
    If you no longer want to be a member of Primecard, please email a request to cancel your membership to customerservice@primecard.com.



    How can I receive extra discounts and exclusive offers?
    Sign-up for our email newsletter to receive exclusive discounts not available anywhere else. Send your email and account number to customerservice@primecard.com. Also, "like" us on Facebook to have a chance to win a $100 dining credit each month.

    How do I "Like" Primecard's Facebook page?
    Go to the Primecard Facebook page and at the top of Primecard's page there is a "like" button. Click on the "like" button and we will be notified.



    How do I invite a friend to become a member?
    Inviting friends is as easy as the click of a button. If you have friends and family you would like to invite, click on the Invite Friends tab at the MyAccount section at the top of the homepage. Once there, you can enter their email addresses. You can personalize the message and let them know why it's great being a Primecard member.

    How and when do I receive credit for inviting a friend?
    We will provide you with a credit to your account for every friend you refer. Send your friend to www.primecard.com/join, have them enter your account number in the application, and get $25 on your account when they spend $50 within their first 60 days. There's no limit to how many friends can join through you, so invite away!

    Do invitation credits expire?
    Credits earned by inviting a friend will expire after one year.

    How do I purchase gift certificates?
    We require a minimum purchase of $100 and a shipping & handling fee of $4.95 per order. Gift certificates are mailed out every Wednesday morning and you will receive your certificates within 7 to 10 days. Please note that all gift certificates are available on a first come first serve basis. Call customer service at 1.800.444.8872 to place your order today!

    Can I use Primecard credit toward purchasing a gift card?
    At this time, our system does not allow you to use credits toward the purchase of a gift card.



    Who can I rave to about my amazing Primecard experience?
    The Customer Services team loves to hear all about your Primecard experiences. Please email customerservice@primecard.com or call us at 800-444-8872.

    Can I suggest restaurants locations and hotels?
    Absolutely. In fact, please do so as much as possible. We always love to hear what our members want to see more of. Your suggestions are very important to us and will be researched and considered for future additions to the Program.



    How can I get my restaurant or hotel involved with the Primecard program?
    We are always interested in speaking to potential partners; please contact merchantservices@primecard.com for more details.